Kicking Stress To The Curb

It is a modern-day epidemic. Whether the stress is a constant, nagging pain in the gut or a barely-there feeling, it wrecks your body. For some, it’s fistfuls of hair falling out; for others, it’s the entire immune system going haywire.

90% of illnesses (and injuries) known to us are in one way or the other connected to stress.

For the professional millennial, the consequences of an overloaded brain are worse because they face a level of stress higher than usual. That said, there is a ray of hope. Stress needn’t hold you back. With the correct arsenal of supplements and hacks, even the most high-strung work week can end productively and prepared for any curveball!

Hey Stress, Meet Body…

The Fight or Flight-Stage

You know that tingling in the fingertips and jumping of the belly? It is the body releasing a burst of stress hormones — cortisol, adrenalin, and epinephrine, among others — which engages the flight or fight response. At this point, two things occur:

  • Suppression of organs.
  • Preparation of all energy resources to counteract the reason for the stress.

As long as the stress is short-lived, your body recovers, speedily, from both. But when the tension is chronic or recurrent, a constant state of exhaustion is created.

More than mere exhaustion…

  • Mental stress ages us at a cellular level too. There is a direct correlation between “psychological distress, eating behaviour, and metabolic health.” When one improves, so do the others.
  • Chronic stress can cause some types of cancer. When the body is under lingering pressure and the mind is depressed, the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis (or what is known as our central stress response system) is continuously activated. This persistent on-off “impairs the immune system and contributes to the development and progression of some types of cancer.”

Stress or even mild distress causes so many psychiatric illnesses that a new field was established, called neuroimmunomodulation or psychoneuroimmunology, to investigate the mind-body connection!

A Study:

Ten volunteers, healthy humans at that, were exposed to 100 dB noise (imagine a power lawnmower or a jet taking off) for two separate days. At the end of the experiment, each volunteer reported tension, anxiety, stress, depression, and unhappiness.

This was just one trial; many studies prove how daily stress can influence our mental and physical health, adversely. The question is how to manage your stress to perform better in life?

Tips On Managing Stress To Get More Out Of Life

1. Ashwagandha Extract

Here’s how it works…

2. Phenibut

3. L-Tyrosine

While nootropics do wonders to flush out stress, a few lifestyle changes never hurt anybody. Towards that end, give your mind a break by meditating, exercising, and just letting go. Let’s take a look at how they help…


-Here’s how cortisol works…

2. Exercise It Out

3. Let Go of Decisions

Navigate Stressful Waters Like A Pro


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