Exploring The Benefits and Uses Of Agmatine Sulfate

4 min readOct 14, 2021


To be able to reach one’s full potential, it is essential to have proper coordination between body and mind. Agmatine Sulfate is one such nootropic supplement that helps boost one’s overall state of being and help achieve better coordination. A derivative of the L-Arginine amino acid, Agmatine Sulfate is also a biogenic amine.

Discovered in 1910 by a German biochemist, it took almost 100 years to discover the complete benefits and uses of Agmatine Sulfate as an element. It is one of the important players in improving the functions of the nervous system by working both as a neurotransmitter and neuromodulator.

Apart from being naturally present in the brain and spinal cord, Agmatine is also present in food sources like fermented foods, beer, coffee and wine. Dubbed by many as the “Super Arginine”, this powerful nootropic can also be consumed in powder or capsule form as well.

Agmatine Sulfate is extremely beneficial in its nootropic benefits as it helps promote mental clarity and reduce stress levels. It also helps recover from a spectrum of complex diseases like diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, drug addiction, mood disorders and cancer.

Let’s understand in detail why including Agmatine Sulfate as a part of your everyday intake may prove to be a great idea for anyone, healthwise.

A Few Benefits of Agmatine Sulfate

1. Helps Fight Depression:

Agmatine has shown antidepressant effects along with promoting an upliftment in the mood. It reduces anxiety and promotes a sense of well-being. It negates depressive behaviour by protecting brain cells from high levels of stress hormone cortisol. Agmatine reduces the levels of monoamines in the brain, which are often associated with depression.

A pilot study done on three patients suffering from depression revealed complete disappearance of depression with the intake of Agmatine supplement.

2. Reduces Pain Sensitivity:

Agmatine is an effective supplement for pain relief. Especially in the case of a condition called thermal hyperalgesia, where the body becomes hypersensitive to heat or cold. In fact, it appears to be a promising supplement in terms of neuropathic pain, drug addiction, stroke protection and even general cognitive health.

It works in synergy with painkillers like morphine and fentanyl.

3. Helps Maximize Performance:

Agmatine is consumed by athletes and bodybuilders to maximize their performance. An essential supplement in sports medicine, Agmatine functions to enhance strength and energy before, during and after a workout.

Agmatine is used by many body-builders to achieve more stamina, improve muscle growth, and minimize pain during workouts. Intake of Agmatine helps increase endorphin levels which in turn may help the pancreas to produce insulin.

More insulin can lead to more glucose being absorbed by the muscles, thereby providing the body with further fuel for exercise and enhancing muscle repair.

4. Helps Relieve Stress:

Agmatine Sulfate is noted to positively influence the production of nitric oxide, increasing levels in your bloodstream, which ultimately improves the delivery of oxygen and other nutrients to your muscles. It is highly valued as a nootropic as it helps promote better cognitive performance and mental function.

It helps fight the effects of stress and minimize anxiety levels through regulating cortisol in one’s body. It is also helpful in improving one’s mood and fight depression, as mentioned above.

5. Helps Lose Weight & Gain Weight:

People who struggle to gain weight can benefit from Agmatine supplements. In some studies, subjects showed signs of increased food consumption rates by 44% to 54% in 24 hours. In certain other studies,

Agmatine shows an increase in fat burning, a decrease in fat composition and an increase in muscle mass.

6. Supports Muscle Growth:

Agmatine helps stimulate the production of luteinizing hormone, increase in which also leads to an increase in testosterone levels. By increasing testosterone levels, Agmatine contributes to an optimal hormonal environment for muscle growth, enhances athletic performance and fastens recovery.

Agmatine also causes a rise in insulin sensitivity and the uptake of glucose into the muscle. Increasing insulin sensitivity leads to improved movement of glucose as well as amino acids into the tissues for growth and repair.

7. Helps Erectile Dysfunction and Infertility:

L-arginine supports cell replication and enhances blood circulation, thereby improving both sperm production and motility. Low levels of Nitric Oxide in the blood leads to erectile dysfunction and other fertility problems. This is because an erection requires the relaxation of smooth muscles, and Nitric Oxide helps achieve this.

A large number of cases of male infertility, almost as high as 92% are treatable with the help of L-arginine supplements. Research shows that stress lowers L-arginine levels in the sperm production pathway. Therefore, taking L-arginine supplements can help men suffering from chronic stress.

8. Helps With Alzheimer’s Disease:

Some very evident signs of Alzheimer’s disease are an increase of amyloid plaques and neurofibrillary tangles in the brain, which are caused by insulin resistance. Agmatine helps during Alzheimer’s disease by preventing cognitive decline by rescuing insulin signalling and avoiding the potential accumulation of those tangles.

9. Acts as a Neuroprotectant:

Agmatine works as an anti-oxidant and is still being tested for its anti-ageing properties. It exhibits neuroprotective effects against oxidative damage and injuries to the Central Nervous System. Because of the various mechanisms through which Agmatine reacts with our body, it helps protect our brain against any damage from stroke.

Agmatine Sulfate is a very effective nootropic supplement that is essential for individuals looking to maximize their performance, especially involved in heavy physical training and for those who want to have a well-functioning mind and body.





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